frassle it! bookmarklets

The frassle it! bookmarklet gives you an easy way to post any web page into frassle. The bookmarklet’s link contains a short little program that automatically fills the title, link, and note body fields.

1. Select your browser:

2.Drag a bookmarklet to your Links toolbar:

standard version: frassle it!

pops up in new window:frassle it!(pop)

subscribe in frassle's aggregator:subscribe in frassle

**currently, you must be on an RSS feed for this bookmarklet to work

If your browser asks whether you're sure you want to add this bookmark, say yes. If you cannot drop the link on your bookmark toolbar, right-click and select Add Bookmark.

3.When you are reading a web page you want to save in frassle, just hit the bookmarklet! Text you've selected will automatically show up in the note body.

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