A Brief Introduction to the Goals of Frassle

(culled from an IM chat between shimon rura and rob gonzalez)

  1. basically it is a tool to help you manage information overload
  2. what you do is you start making a directory of links on the internet, something that has a structure like yahoo or the google directory
  3. but with whatever categories make sense to you
  4. and you also subscribe to the directories of other people
  5. so when I put a new link in my directory, you get notified and you put it somewhere that it makes sense for you in your directory
  6. and from this the software infers a relationship between some of my categories and some of yours
  7. over time the relationships get more accurate, so when *I* find something and classify it, a pretty accurate classification can be determined on *your* system
  8. and the second part of the idea is that in addition to giving out my classifications, I also give out info about how my categories relate to others’ categories
  9. that way, if you run into someone who you don’t know, but who I do know, you can use that information to compute preliminary information about how his classifications relate to yours
  10. and that can go arbitrarily deep in the social network
  11. the goal is kind of to mirror what happens in real life if you ask your friend for a recommendation, let’s say, for a cell phone provider in boston
  12. he might ask a friend of his, in language that makes sense in that relationship. she might ask 2 other people. each pairwise interaction has its own context. it might be, “who provides good service” or “where did you get that phone you like so much”. the decision about how to ask the question at each point depends on knowledge of the particular relationship

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