The Frassle Content Studio


The Frassle content studio is a place for you to build pages based on dynamic content. That content can be from this server, or from another site aggregated via RSS— anything you can read in your aggregator.

There are a few main concepts in the frassle studio:

content streams

These are imaginary collections of content. You can think of a stream as a search in frassle’s database, that picks out a certain set of notes. You can select notes based on what feed they come from, what categories they’ve been place into, how many words they contain, or simple keyword searches. You can also include AND/OR/NOT conditions. Content streams are continuously updated whenever frassle gets new information. Example content streams would include notes from your blog, or anything from blog X or blog Y except things containing the keyword “computer”.


A block is an actual rendering of a stream (into an HTML fragment). A block does this by matching a specific stream with a particular block display style, such as Quick Links List or Basic Blog Entries. You use blocks when building a page; they are the indivdual pieces that you can place within a page. An example block could use a link log stream (all posts to my blog under 15 words long) with the Quick Links List style.


A page is a dynamic web page. A page has a theme and a few columns into which you can put blocks.


Sites are groups of pages. A site has a top-level address, while pages fall under that address. Within a site, you can designate one page as the home page, to be served when no specific page URL is given


Widgets are like blocks, in that you can place them on a page, but different in that they aren’t based on a content stream. They are just flexible programmatic widgets, that might change appearance based on other aspects of your document or blog. Examples of widgets are a calendar or blogroll.

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