Who’s Responsible for Frassle?

Frassle is an experimental project run by Shimon Rura and Josh Ain. It’s not a business, just a tool we’re building and using because we think it’s cool. Shimon kicked off the first post on frassle in November 2003.

We hope it can be useful and appreciate any feedback that can make frassle easier to use, more powerful, and better. But be aware that frassle is a work in progress. This means that, though we take care to safeguard your data and keep the service online, you can’t expect 100% reliability. Don’t use frassle for crucial data. Don’t run your weapons systems on frassle. Don’t run with scissors.

On the other hand, there are many upsides to using this piece of software as it develops. We the developers really want your feedback and we will change the product based on your suggestions. (Don’t believe us? Just ask our finest critic.) Cool new features come out once or twice a month. And we haven’t lost any data yet!

Privacy policy: nothing formal, but we will never sell your email address or data. If you list your email in the RSS webmaster or managing editor fields in your settings, we will publish it in public RSS feeds though. We may use your email address to send you very rare, important announcements about frassle. If we ever add a higher-traffic email list, you won’t be automatically added.

Special Thanks To…

David Ramos, for crafting the icons used on the recent posts, outline, related items, aggregator, and publisher tabs.

For their insightful feedback, our thanks go out to Evan Miller, David Ramos, Jessica Baumgart, and all the users of frassle.

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