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There has to be something legendary about the Russian massage technique. After all, it has been garnering fame and popularity everywhere. Some people describe it as an unusual method. Sometimes, they go as far as to say that it is dramatic. Then again, the doctors and massage therapists of the nation have been using it for centuries. They combine it with various medical treatments to extract the most out of it. The procedure is a form of rehabilitation for sportspeople and other individuals. If you wish to increase your flexibility and range of motion and eliminate pain, you should try it. It is a luxury massage Dubai that everyone should experience at least once.

An explanation

The customary massage variant called venik or twigging is the primary method. To start with, you have to go prone on the massage table while the therapist will begin hitting you. Of course, they will do it gently in a rhythm, and they will use the branches of oak or birch softened with water. The friction and collision will stimulate your body to generate heat. In turn, your blood circulation will increase. Over the last few years, this massage technique has become surprisingly popular in all four corners of the world.

Where to experience

Usually, venik treatments take place within banyas or steam bathhouses. Those who partake in the procedure enjoy taking a dip in hot baths. They sit in the steam rooms before the massage session. Once the massage is over, they immerse themselves in cold water. This particular form of massage improves the function of the nervous system, immune system, and respiratory system.

The procedure

When you go to a massage therapist and opt for this technique, the masseuse will start with slow and soft motions. It is different from the one practiced by therapists specializing in sports massage methods. They create friction to generate heat within the body of the client and bolster blood circulation. The practitioners also incorporate slapping, kneading, and vibration methodologies to reduce muscle stiffness and soft tissue tension.

The benefits

You will enjoy several benefits when you choose this massage type. It can relieve muscle stiffness, tension, joint pain, and even arthritis. Those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome should try it. Furthermore, it can eliminate problems associated with range of motion, circulatory system, improper digestion, stomach pain, constipation, anxiety, stress, etc. It even works for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory disorders.

For more info

If you want more relevant information, you should visit the website of The experts working there will tell you everything you need to know about the Russian massage technique. You will also find more than enough data on the site.

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